Shirley Perry

"The S.S. United States moves slowly from its moorings, bound for Le Havre, carrying Shirley H. Perry across the waters to Vienna, Austria, on her first assignment abroad with the CIA...

After Many Days tells Shirley’s remarkable story, from her time as a CIA operative during the Cold War and a life of intrigue behind the Iron Curtain to her travels around the Middle East and Europe during the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Hers is truly a life different from the ordinary. But it’s not all cloak and dagger — her post-CIA experiences are equally exceptional, having founded the American School of Luxembourg, returned to university in Toronto to earn an MBA and journeyed with a theatre group to Russia — land of the erstwhile enemy.

Career woman, actress, mother, spy, Shirley Perry writes with humor and a discerning eye for detail about all of these and her many other grand adventures.


"Shirley Perry — actress, educator, amateur smuggler, and CIA spy — has lived an enviably rich life. After Many Days affords us a rare, first-hand glimpse into the lives of U.S. operatives in the early days of the Cold War."
—  Neil Whiteauthor, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts

"A literary trip with Ms. Perry as guide is adventure enough for any 'armchair traveler'.  Even beyond her dozen-plus years with the CIA, agent Perry encounters drama and suspense in matters both at home and away on her many excursions.  Pack lightly and get on board; it's fast-moving and fun."
— Betty B. Brown, Norman, OK.